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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using swords in Fortnite?

Swords in Fornite are the ideal melee weapon of the Ninja class. Some ninja heroes have passive and afctive abilites that favor swords and melee weapons in general. As you go from light to heavy swords, you will get more damage and impact with a slower attack speed.

How do you use the Sword in the Stone device in Fortnite?

Use the Sword in the Stone device to place the Infinity Blade on your island. When placed, the sword becomes available to any player regardless of team affiliation. A player can use the Infinity Blade to destroy enemies, animals, spawned creatures, and structures around them in a single blow.

How do swords compare to other melee weapons in Fortnite?

Most swords have have medium weight and deal moderate, fast damage for sustained damage. But some swords are heavy, slower and deal more damage. All swords also have a Secondary Ability like lunge or sword spin.

What is the Heavy attack of a Sword in Fortnite?

Heavy attack - Quick slash - Attack that deals increased damage and knockback Uses a fast attack speed to deal high sustained damage, with low impact. Heavy attack - Lunge - Attack that leaps forward dealing high damage to targets in a narrow cone. A slower sword with high damage and moderate impact.

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