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Frequently Asked Questions

What is forecaster bias?

Forecaster bias appears when forecast error is in one direction for all items, i.e they are consistently over- or under-forecasted. It is a subjective bias due to people to building unnecessary forecast safeguards like increasing the forecast to match sales targets or division goals.

What is mean forecast error?

Bias, also known as Mean Forecast Error, is the tendency for forecast error to be persistent in one direction. The quickest way of improving forecast accuracy is to track bias. If the bias of the forecasting method is zero, it means that there is an absence of bias.

What is the difference between positive and negative forecast bias?

Negative bias values reveal a tendency to over-forecast while positive values indicate a tendency to under-forecast. Over the period of 24 observations, if bias is greater than four (+4), forecast is considered to be biased towards under-forecasting.

Is forecasting biased based on anecdotes?

Their forecast is therefore biased based on the anecdotes. Recent data bias: This is probably true for all processes where humans are involved. The more recent occurrences weigh heavier in our mind. In the case of forecasting, this can create an overreaction based on the latest events.

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