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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the autocomplete widgets for flutter?

Google places autocomplete widgets for flutter. For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation. The library use google_maps_webservice library which directly refer to the official documentation for google maps web service.

How does location search autocomplete work in flutter?

Location Search Autocomplete in Flutter Have you ever wondered how food delivery and ride-hailing service apps show the autocomplete dropdown as you type your location in the search bar? They rely on Google to provide the address suggestions so that they can be displayed in the dropdown as the user is typing the location.

What are the parameters available for the place autocomplete service?

Several parameter available are described below: geocodeinstructs the Place Autocomplete service to return only geocoding results, rather than business results. Generally, you use this request to disambiguate results where the location specified may be indeterminate.

How to create step to step custom place autocompletion?

To create the step to step custom Place Autocompletion, we start by creating flutter app and add the httppackage to our flutter project. To add that, just add on your pubspec.yamlfile just like below: dependencies:flutter:sdk: flutterhttp: ^0.12.2 At your app body add a TextField widgetwith controller and configure the controller just like below:

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