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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a registered agent in Florida?

How to Become a Registered Agent in Florida To become a registered agent in Florida as an individual or business entity, you must: Be over the age of 18. Have a street address in Florida.

When is a registered agent needed in Florida?

A registered agent is required by the Florida Department of State when filing for a business entity such as a corporation, Limited Liability Company, and Limited Partnership. This appointment is first made in the entity formation documents ( Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation) but can be changed at any time.

Should you hire a registered agent?

The simple answer is that you should hire a registered agent. Doing it yourself may seem like a good option. Still, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional registered agent to handle matters for you. You must understand that a registered agent’s task is an ongoing one and involves a lot of work.

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