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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Montana floods happen?

On Friday, June 24, 2022, MTN News broadcast a one-hour special about the historic flooding that ravaged parts of Montana earlier in the month. The flooding was particularly devastating in several counties, notably Stillwater, Carbon, and Park.

What caused the Yellowstone National Park flood?

Dangerous flooding, fueled by heavy rainfall and snowmelt, began to inundate Yellowstone National Park and several surrounding communities in Montana on Monday, June 13. The flooding swallowed bridges and swept away entire sections of roadway.

How dangerous is the Yellowstone River flood?

It's an event many Park County residents have never seen before — the Yellowstone River flowing high and dangerous as it crept up to roads and took over properties along the way. Flooding of historic proportions continues to hit parts of Montana.

What's happening in Montana?

Flooding of historic proportions continues to hit parts of Montana. Evacuations have been ordered in southern parts of the state and the rising waters have forced the closure of all entrances to Yellowstone National Park. Below are a collection of MTN videos and reports that show some of the devastation that the folding has brought.

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