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Frequently Asked Questions

What flood zones are high risk?

Knowing how to read the data can help you to better understand the true risks. High-risk floods zones are labeled on the Flood Insurance Rate Map as Zone A, Zone AO, Zone AH, Zones A1-A30, Zone AE, Zone A99, Zone AR, Zone AR/AE, Zone AR/AO, Zone AR/A1-A30, Zone AR/A, Zone V, Zone VE, and Zones V1-V30.

Where are floods located?

Where Do Floods Usually Occur? Floods typically occur in lands that are adjacent to rivers or at coastal areas. Land adjacent to rivers, known as floodplains, is susceptible to floods when there is excessive rain. Coastal areas face flooding only when a tsunami or large storm forces the sea to surge inland.

How to use the FEMA flood map search?

How to Use FEMA’s Map Service Center (MSC) Site for Floodplain Data (for communities with newer, Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMS)) property, and note which FIRM panel it is in. If (see next page) next page) Step 1: Go to . FEMA’s Map Service Center. or search “FEMA MSC” Step 2: Enter address, community name or county name ...

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