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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get credit card with savings account?

Yes, you can have a credit card against savings accounts. Banks offering secured credit cards require you to make a security deposit in a collateral account, which is generally a savings account. Secured credit cards require a cash collateral deposit which becomes the line of credit for that account. Most banks require a minimum deposit of $300 ...

Can I pay things online from my savings account?

You can make online purchases from your savings account but on most kinds of savings accounts you cannot make purchases as easily as you can with your checking account. Under federal regulation D, you can make no more than six withdrawals from your savings account per month and this withdrawal limit applies to online purchases.

Are savings account card considered debit cards?

When you have only a savings account, you will commonly not be issued a debit card but rather only an ATM card. Debit cards are typically reserved for checking accounts.

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