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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does first Federal Bank pay?

How much does First Federal Bank in the United States pay? The average First Federal Bank salary ranges from approximately $20,638 per year for Teller to $100,000 per year for Sales Professional. Average First Federal Bank hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.59 per hour for Bank Clerk to $12.56 per hour for Customer Service Representative.

Who was the first bank to offer online banking?

What is now known as online banking was formed during this time. In October 1994, Stanford Federal Credit Union became the first financial institution in the U.S. to offer internet banking to all of its customers. A year later, Presidential Bank became the first bank in the country to offer customers access to their accounts online.

Are there any fees associated with online banking?

Are there any fees and charges associated with Online Banking? There are no establishment or ongoing fees for accessing Online Banking, however fees and charges apply for the processing of some payments. The below fees will be charged at the time of processing a transaction: Bank cheque: $5.00 per cheque. International Payment: $20.00 per payment.

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