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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop Firefox from automatically updating apps?

Under the “Firefox Updates” section, select “Never check for updates” 4. By this time, the auto-update mechanism already kicked into action and will auto-install the latest version upon the next app launch. 5. Close firefox

How do I update Firefox to the latest version?

Update Firefox to the latest release. (Redirected from Update Firefox to the latest version) By default, Firefox is set to update automatically but you can always do a manual update. A manual update will still let Firefox download an update but it won't install it until you restart Firefox.

How to fix “Firefox update not working” issue?

Select “Advances” or Select “General” on the left pane and Scroll down to “Firefox Updates” section. Select the following option: “Never check for updates” Select in “Advances” “show update history”. It must be empty. If it is not empty Check the Mozzilla directories in appdata / roaming, appdata / local and appdata / localLow and empty them.

How do I enable/disable automatic updates for my App?

Double-click the “ ” option to toggle the setting. If set to “ true “, automatic updates are enabled. If set to “ false “, automatic updates are disabled.

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