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Frequently Asked Questions

How to revert to a previous version of Firefox?

A previous version of Firefox for Mac users can be found by clicking here. To revert to this version, click on the .exe file provided and then click “ Run ” to begin downloading. The file will then begin to extract the setup Wizard. Click Next to continue the process. Choose the type of setup you prefer.

How to download Mozilla Firefox new version?

How to Download Mozilla FirefoxClick on the DOWNLOAD button to visit the official Mozilla Firefox download page.Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button to download an official version of Firefox.The file will download, click on it and it will begin the installation process.If you had Firefox on your computer in the past, you’ll have the option to keep your old settings or go back to the default. ...When the installation is complete Firefox will open and ask if you want to make it your default browser. ...

How to always start Mozilla Firefox in private browsing mode?

In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, click Firefox and select Preferences. Click the menu button and select Options Preferences. ...Select the Privacy & Security panel and go to the History section.Choose Use custom settings for history from the drop-down menu and check the Always use private browsing mode setting. ...Restart Firefox.

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