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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should use Firefox?

Firefox is very passionate about protecting the openness and freedom of the web. And as the second-largest browser, it is our best bet at keeping a healthy and open web. Firefox has been supporting and promoting the use of open source web technologies and the freedom of the web users against being tracked and spied on.

Which is better Safari or Firefox?

Firefox has gone through some interface changes, and I found it slightly better looking than Safari browser. It displays the default search engine, top sites, and highlights. Highlights is a ...

How long will Firefox work on Windows 7?

How Long Will Fire Fox Support Windows 7? At minimum until the end of life decided by MS for Win 7, in January 2020. And probably later (depends on APIs needed for new features), like Windows SP2 which is still supported by Mozilla.

Is Firefox safe to use?

Is Firefox safe? Not only is Firefox safe to use, it also helps keep your data and private information safe. The Firefox Browser automatically blocks known third party trackers, social media trackers, cryptominers and fingerprinters from collecting your data. Learn more about the privacy in our products.

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