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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mozilla Firefox still in use?

Yes. Lots of people use it. According to Browser Market Share Worldwide, 4.2% of the users still use Firefox, which in number of people is a lot. The reason for Chrome being the first is that almost every browser is Chrome now.

How to install Mozilla Firefox on Linux?

sudo apt-get install firefox-esr. If you want to install a specific version of Firefox, you need to download it from Mozilla website (open this link, choose version, OS and language). Downloaded file will have tar.bz2 extension. Once file is downloaded, extract it using the following command: tar xjf firefox-*.tar.bz2.

How to install or uninstall the Mozilla Firefox browser?

Uninstall Firefox from Settings. Click Start -> Settings -> Apps -> Apps & features. In the right window, scroll down to find Mozilla Firefox, click it and click Uninstall button to uninstall Firefox on Windows 10. Tip: Some Firefox files and folders may be still left on your computer after uninstalling Firefox.

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