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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the bankruptcy laws in New York?

New York bankruptcy has similar laws regarding bankruptcy to other states, but New York’s laws can be strict in determining what kind of bankruptcy an individual can file. Although the provisions can be strict, bankruptcies laws in the state of New York aren’t meant to restrict a person or corporation from filing NY bankruptcy.

When to declare bankruptcy?

Should You Declare Bankruptcy. May 16, 2018. Bankruptcy is a process through debtors may obtain court-ordered relief from their debts. While for some debtors bankruptcy may be a valuable necessity, not everybody who faces financial difficulty should file for bankruptcy.

Where is bankruptcy court in New York?

The Eastern District’s courthouses are located in two places – Cadman Plaza East in downtown Brooklyn, and Central Islip, New York. For bankruptcy cases filed for debtors who live in Richmond, Kings and Queens Counties, the cases will be heard at 271-C Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn.

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