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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FGH's radiology department?

FGH's Radiology Department features advanced, state-of-the art equipment including a 3D Mammography machine that is capable of finding smaller cancers sooner, resulting in better outcomes. Our circle of highly-skilled and caring surgery colleagues are here to support you through your same day surgery procedure.

Is FGH Bank a member of the International Sustainability Alliance?

FGH Bank, a part of the Dutch banking cooperative Rabobank Group, has joined the International Sustainability Alliance (ISA) as a founding member.

Where is the FGH emergency entrance?

FGH Emergency Entrance has been relocated. Anyone seeking emergency care should use Door K, northeast of the permanent emergency entrance. Door K will be used as the Emergency Entrance for the duration of the Emergency Department expansion project.

What is fish growth hormone (FGH)?

The order was secured by Bestobell Marine from WArtsilA Fuel Gas Handling Division ( FGH ). Fish growth hormone ( FGH ), a protein hormone with molecular weight of 22kDa, is produced by somatotroph cells in the anterior pituitary gland of fish.

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