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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of British painting?

British Paintings. The history of British painting is intimately linked with the broader traditions of European painting. Kings and queens commissioned portraits from German, Dutch, and Flemish artists. Holbein, Van Dyck, and other eminent foreign portraitists imparted an aura of grandeur to even their most unimposing sitters.

Who was the most celebrated painter of the century?

The most celebrated painter of the century, however, carried on the grandness of the baroque tradition. This was the Venetian Tiepolo, who served an illustrious international clientele that included the kings of France and Spain. While he painted smaller canvases—scenes from history...

What was landscape painting like in the 18th century?

The late 18th century saw a growing interest in landscape painting. Some artists, such as Richard Wilson, painted idealized scenes imbued with the spirit of the classical past, while others, such as Joseph Wright of Derby, pursued more individual and personal visions of the natural world.

Who painted the Thirteen Colonies?

The collection features artworks that trace the transformation of the thirteen colonies into a nation, including portraits by John Singleton Copley , Charles Willson Peale, and Gilbert Stuart; landscapes by Thomas Cole; and sculptures by Horatio Greenough.

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