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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose HCA far west?

The healthcare of you and your loved ones should not be left to chance. Medical centers in the HCA Far West Division offer you superior choices for healthcare. From Nevada’s Las Vegas Valley to the Silicon Valley, West Valley and South Bay Area in California, we are recognized for our quality awards and accreditations.

What is the facility scheduler?

The "Facility Scheduler" can be used by employees to access their schedules from home or wherever a computer is available. In order to access the scheduler, your computer must use Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher. To determine your IE version, open your internet browser, click on Help and then select About Internet Explorer.

How do I use an HCA facility scheduler?

How Do You Use an HCA Facility Scheduler? How Do You Use an HCA Facility Scheduler? To use the HCA Facility Scheduler, the user needs to gain access to the scheduler through a registered account. Accordingly, the first step after installing the facility scheduler is to obtain a username and password to log in to the scheduler application.

What is the Far West health system?

The Far West Health System values you and allows you to do what you do best. Our hospitals & surgery centers offer superior choices for healthcare. Sunrise Health Hospitals offer employer-sponsored healthcare services and workplace wellness programs for Las Vegas local employers.

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