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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it make a difference to follow monism or dualism?

The main difference between Monism and Dualism is that Monism is the ultimate belief is that the mind and the body are the same elements and are generated from a supreme soul. Whereas, Dualism believes that the mind and the works separate from each other and it is said that an individual is not generated from a supreme soul but the existence of ...

Does dualism even make sense?

Dualism is best option for understanding the mind and the brain. Theories that attempt to show that the mind does not really exist clearly don’t work and never did. Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor reviews the mind-brain theories for East Meets West: Theology Unleashed. He think dualism makes the best sense of the evidence.

Is Plato a monist or a dualist?

Was Plato monist or dualist? Plato’s writings are known as his Dialogues. He is essentially a dualist. He draws a line of demarcation between the spirit and the flesh, between the body and the mind, the Idea and the particular object. Such dualism lends itself easily to the popular mind.

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