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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 principles of GDPR?

Lawfulness, fairness and transparencyPurpose limitationData minimisationAccuracyStorage limitationIntegrity and confidentiality (security)Accountability

What is a legal basis under GDPR?

Legal basis is one of the criteria for a lawful processing of data under the GDPR. The legal basis is stated in article 6 GDPR and in there are six available legal basis to motivate a processing of data with: Consent. performance of a Contract (including taking steps to conclude a contract) Legal obligation. Vital interest of the data subject ...

Is GDPR a tax or an incentive?

Yes, these savings will be offset by increased expenses associated with compliance but that does not negate the previously mentioned benefits. Whether GDPR and compliance writ-large is a tax or an incentive could be described as a glass half empty or half full.

Is GDPR an opportunity for your business?

With digital transformation on the agenda for many businesses, GDPR is a great opportunity to bring a company’s systems out of the dial-up era and into the cloud computing age. Who knows, it could even pave the way to other progressive technologies like chatbots and AI. This kind of future gazing attitude to GDPR is necessary to make it a success.

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