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Frequently Asked Questions

Which European country has the largest population?

Which European country has highest population?Ukraine – 44 million.Spain – 46 million.Italy – 59 million.France – 65 million.United Kingdom – 66 million.Turkey – 81 million.Germany – 82 million.Russia – 143 million. As of 2017, the population of Russia is 143,964,709 which makes it the most populated country in Europe.

Which country is the first largest in Europe?

Europe is 10,186,000 km² (9,932,836 mi²) split across 50 countries. The largest country in Europe is Russia, which also has additional land that extends across northern Asia. Russia covers a total of 17,098,242 km² (6,599,921 mi²) when including its land in North Asia. Russia’s population is over 145.8 million people.

Which is fourth largest country in Europe?

Spain - 498,468 sq km Spain is found in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is the fourth largest country in Europe. The capital and largest city in Spain is Madrid, while the second largest city is Barcelona. Spain is a popular tourist destination.

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