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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I estimate while I model in SketchUp?

Estimate while you model in SketchUp – try it today and elevate your workflow. Now every trial download of Estimator for SketchUp includes links to download our newly released Demonstration SketchUp Model so you can see the inner workings of Estimator.

How many SketchUp downloads are there?

Limited: 100 downloads a day or 1000 downloads a month. Customize SketchUp for advanced modeling, rendering, productivity, or your unique workflow. Download over 750 free and paid plugins from the Extension Warehouse or develop bespoke tools based on our Core Ruby API.

What is SketchUp plugin and how to use it?

This sketchup plugin can apply length, area and volume attributes for producing proper estimation. The plugin can also insert quotes for labor and other unsubstantial cost to cover all costs concering the project. It is a paid plugin and can be purchased from sketchup extension warehouse.

What are the benefits of using SketchUp?

“SketchUp is beneficial in that it allows me to answer questions or see around corners that aren’t shown well on 2D plans — just by building it in 3D space. I can show clients the depths Jade Mountain Builders goes to envision their project and provide realistic estimates. SketchUp has enriched the detail and scope I can provide clients. ”

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