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Frequently Asked Questions

What is electelectrowinning?

Electrowinning is performed in cells, constructed of non-conducting plastic material. The cell contains a set of cathodes (negative electrodes) and anodes (positive electrodes) immersed in the gold bearing eluate delivered from the elution circuit, or Sunrise Reactor.

What is electrowinning in electroplating?

Electrowinning. In electrorefining, the anodes consist of unrefined impure metal, and as the current passes through the acidic electrolyte the anodes are corroded into the solution so that the electroplating process deposits refined pure metal onto the cathodes.

How can I optimise the efficiency of my electrowinning solution?

• Cathode Surface Area Electrowinning efficiency optimised by maximising the cathode surface area exposed to the solution. • Eluate mixing and Short-Circuiting Enhancing the degree of mixing and minimising solution Short-Circuiting within the cell would improve the rate of deposition.

Why is caustic added to the eluate prior to electrowinning?

Caustic is added to the eluate prior to electrowinning to improve conductivity to enhance cell performance. As mentioned before, caustic is also added to raise the solution pH to prevent the corrosion of the anodes, and limit the evolution of hydrogen gas. Other factors • Gold Concentration

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