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Frequently Asked Questions

What is electrowinning?

More particularly, it involves the electrowinning reduction of lead salts to metallic lead from an electrolyte solution comprising dissolved lead sulfonate and an alkanesulfonic acid. The net production of metal by electrolysis is known as electrowinning.

What is the best anode for the electrowinning industry?

In the electrowinning industry, lead dioxide anode and Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anode are the two common choices. However, the lead dioxide anode are found of these disadvantages: heavy environmental pollution, high energy consumption, fragile, lead waste, hardly to produce into various shapes, coating is easily to drop off.

Which PbO2 is best for lead electrowinning?

The PbO2which can be deposited from many sulfonic acid based electrolytes is hard, shiny and relatively adherent, and such surface adherent PbO2is generally superior for lead electrowinning. The following table illustrates the operable and preferred limits for the electrowinning of lead from sulfonic acid based electrolytes;

What is the co-copper electrowinning?

Copper electrowinning is the recovery of copper metal onto the cathode from electrolyte. The electrolyte may be the leach solution or the purified solution from solvent extraction. The copper electrowinning cell-house using the conventional cells has many cells.

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