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Frequently Asked Questions

How does cobalt electrowinning work?

Cobalt electrowinning was conducted in a divided cell, which was placed in a water bath for temperature control ( Fig. 1 ). Catholyte was circulated with the use of a peristaltic pump, from the top of the cell to a mixing reservoir, then to a heat exchange reservoir (in the water bath), and finally back to the bottom of the catholyte compartment.

How much co is needed for cobalt electrowinning?

Initial cobalt electrowinning was conducted using parameters suggested by earlier Bureau of Mines researchers such as a concentration of 40 g/l Co in CoSO4 electrolyte at 60° C.

How does cobalt concentration affect the efficiency of electelectrolysis?

Electrolysis was conducted by varying the cobalt concentration from 20 g/L to 70 g/L in the presence of 15 g/L of sodium sulphate, at a temperature of 60 °C, pH 4 and a current density of 400 A/m 2. The results, summarized in Fig. 1, show that the current efficiency increases with increase in cobalt concentration in the electrolyte.

What is the best electrolyte for electrowinning?

Electrowinning procedures described in the final report included the use of pure cobalt sulfate electrolyte in nondiaphragm cells in the method attributed to Roentgen and Giesen. A short pilot plant investigation showed favorable results in runs of up to 48 hours.

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