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Frequently Asked Questions

What are electrowinning cells made of?

Electrowinning Cells. High quality gold and precious metal electrowinning cells. Manufactured from brushed finish 304 grade stainless steel. Internally rubber lined the cells are equipped with punch plate 316 grade anodes and cathode frames.

What is electelectrowinning?

Electrowinning is performed in cells, constructed of non-conducting plastic material. The cell contains a set of cathodes (negative electrodes) and anodes (positive electrodes) immersed in the gold bearing eluate delivered from the elution circuit, or Sunrise Reactor.

What is electrowinning in electroplating?

Electrowinning. In electrorefining, the anodes consist of unrefined impure metal, and as the current passes through the acidic electrolyte the anodes are corroded into the solution so that the electroplating process deposits refined pure metal onto the cathodes.

What is electrowinning of copper?

Electrowinning is defined as the cathodic deposition of metal, in this example copper, from a copper bearing solution by the passage of an electric current current using an insoluble anode. For copper the electrowinning reaction reaction is: CuSO4 + H2O ⇒ Cu + ½O2 + H2SO4

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