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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word electorate mean?

Definition of electorate 1 : the territory, jurisdiction, or dignity of a German elector 2 : a body of people entitled to vote

How are members of the party in the electorate selected?

The vote is a two-part process. First,the political parties in each state choose slates of potential. Electors sometime before the general electon. Second, on electon day,the voters in each state select thier states electors by casting thier ballots for president.

What is eligible electorate?

Electorate may refer to: people who are eligible to vote in an election, especially their number e.g. the term size of (the) electorate, see malapportionment the dominion of a Prince-elector in the Holy Roman Empire until 1806 an electoral district or constituency, the geographic area of a particular election

What is the plural of electorate?

The plural form of electorate is electorates.

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