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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for the Electoral College?

The rules are pretty simple- each elector gets one vote for president and one vote for vice president, and the elector cannot use both votes for candidates from the elector's state. Each state counts their electoral votes and conveys the vote to Congress.

Why is the Electoral College so important?

The Electoral College is important because it ensures the President of the United States is selected by the constitutional majority. Basically, the Electoral College magnifies the margin of victory and grants legitimacy to the winners.

How many members are in the Electoral College?

The Electoral College consists of a total of 538 members, one for each U.S. senator and representative, and three additional electors representing the District of Columbia.

Who is represented in the Electoral College?

An electoral college is a set of electors who are selected to elect a candidate to a particular office. Often these represent different organizations or entities, with each organization or entity represented by a particular number of electors or with votes weighted in a particular way.

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