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Frequently Asked Questions

When were Tamil Nadu Urban Local Body elections 2022?

2022 Tamil Nadu urban local body elections, to the Local civic bodies in Tamil Nadu were held in urban areas in the month of February 2022.

How are elections conducted in Tamil Nadu?

Note: The elections to these offices are indirect elections through their elected representative in Parliament and in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. Thiru. Satyabrata Sahoo, I.A.S.

How did the DMK win the Tamil Nadu Corporation elections?

The DMK won & put up a stellar show in the Tamil Nadu corporation elections. In Chennai, the party won 153 wards out of 200 as a result of which it gained an independent majority. The DMK also won majority of seats in all 21 Corporations.

When will TN rural and urban local body byelection 2022 results be declared?

TN rural, urban local body byelection 2022 results will be declared on July 12. TN urban local body byelection results: Fight for 180 posts in rural and urban civic bodies underway.

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