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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the phrase 'elbow'?

(one's way) through (something) to push or drive oneself through something, such as a crowd, perhaps using one's elbows or arms to move people out of the way. She elbowed her way through the crowd.

What causes elbow injuries?

Elbow fractures can occur due to falls, twisting injuries or blunt force trauma. Elbow fractures can be addressed with surgical or non-surgical treatments, depending on the severity of the break. What is an elbow fracture? An elbow fracture is a fracture at the tip of the elbow.

How can you treat elbow injuries?

Surgical treatments: When the bone has moved out of place, it’s called a displaced fracture. People with displaced fractures typically require surgery to reconstruct the elbow. This involves moving the bones back into their proper positions and holding them in place with pins, screws and plates. Do you need a cast for a fractured elbow? It depends.

What are the most common elbow injuries?

The most common elbow injuries include lateral and medial tennis elbow tendinitis, ulnar nerve dysfunction, and medial ligament sprain. Treatment includes proper rehabilitation and control of abuse. Surgery, when indicated, is directed to the correction of specific pathologic tissue change without harm to adjacent normal tissue.

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