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Frequently Asked Questions

What is edgenuity courseware™?

With over 400 standards-aligned, online courses for students in grades 6–12, Edgenuity® Courseware™ is a flexible, standards-aligned digital curriculum that personalizes learning for your students. Courses are customizable and feature a full suite of learning tools and scaffolds.

How do students learn on edgenuity?

Each student can learn at a pace that’s best for his or her own academic goals. Edgenuity’s direct-instruction videos feature expert, on-screen teachers who explain concepts, model strategies, provide examples, and make real-world connections. Students stop to complete tasks that check for understanding.

What can I do with Imagine edgenuity?

Take a tour of the Imagine Edgenuity student experience. Take a look at how Imagine Edgenuity's single-semester Civics and Citizenship course prepares students to become effective and engaged citizens. Learn more about Smart Sequencer - a smarter way to pinpoint skills and optimize learning.

What is the Imagine edgenuity student experience?

Take a tour of the Imagine Edgenuity student experience. The unique environment at US Performance Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire provides student athletes the freedom to nurture and develop learning styles that fit their busy schedules and helps them succeed both in the classroom and on the ice.

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