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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the edgenuity auto Go app?

Description: This nifty java application allows an E2020 (now Edgenuity) user to automatically go through any of the classes offered on Education 2020 with ease. When taking either a review, quiz, or test, this application will automatically answer the question correctly and progress to the next one automatically.

What is this bot on edgenuity?

this is a bot that will get the correct answers right at least 90% of the time on edgenuity. edgenuity is a common site used for middle school, high school and collage classes

Should parents read the reviews of edgenuity products?

Of course, if you're the parent of an Edgenuity student, you don't need to read the reviews. Just ask your kids what they think. seriously. Sit down with them and really ask them how they like the platform.

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