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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the girl in Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" music video?

The music video for Ed Sheeran's sugar-sweet love song "Perfect" has everything you could want: snowy scenery, moments of friendship, and... an intriguing love interest for the bashful Brit. Playing the role of Sheeran's friend-turned-lover is actress Zoey Deutch, and chances are you've seen her around.

How can you download or stream Ed Sheeran's song "Perfect"?

🎵 Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Lyrics) ⏬ Download / Stream: 🔔 Turn on notifications to stay updated with new uploads! Show more

What is the meaning of Ed Sheeran's song "Perfect"?

“Perfect” takes cues from a previous Sheeran hit, “Thinking Out Loud,” as the singer borrows the template of old soul ballads and uses that as a platform for expressions of undying love.

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