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Frequently Asked Questions

What songs does Ed Sheeran sing?

“Castle on the Hill” from his album “Thinking Out Loud” is another single known for being one of his top pop songs besides “Shape Of You”. Folk-Pop Folk-pop is a subgenre of contemporary folk music that blurs the line between folk and pop. It is typically classified as a mixture of pop and country music which is largely based on acoustic sounds.

What is perfect by Ed Sheeran?

“Perfect” is a track written and sung by renowned vocalist Ed Sheeran. The subject of the song is a British woman by the name of Cherry Seaborn who, in addition to being a childhood friend of Ed is, as can be ascertained from the lyrics of “Perfect”, his love interest.

Who is the girl in Ed Sheeran Perfect video?

Zoey Deutch is 23, and from Los Angeles. Actress Zoey Deutch stars in Ed Sheeran's Perfect music video, which was shot in Austria (Image: Getty) She comes from a star studded family, with her mum,...

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