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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ed Sheeran have a song called Bad Habits?

Bad Habits (Ed Sheeran song) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " Bad Habits " is a song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It was released on 25 June 2021, through Asylum Records UK, as the lead single of his upcoming fifth studio album, =.

Why does Ed Sheeran dress as a vampire?

The vampire costume seen in the music video reflects the dark side of him and displays the ‘bad habits’ he carries with himself. With each song on this album representing a specific moment in his life, Ed noted that “Bad Habits” derives from his desire to be fully present as a new father.

What does Ed Sheeran turn into at the end of Monster?

Most of the monsters go into hiding, with a few vaporized by the sunlight, except for Sheeran, who transforms back into his normal human self, playing the guitar as the video ends. The black cat in the video is a reference to the Catford Cat at the entrance to the shopping Centre.

When does Ed Sheeran's new album equals come out?

Pre-order the new album "=" - out October 29th: Ed Sheeran may be the quintessential pop star of the 2010s: an internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning singer/songwriter who seems to acknowledge no boundaries between styles or eras with elements of folk, hip-hop, pop, dance, soul, and rock woven throughout his music.

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