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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of Michigans football mascot?

Michigan football is a program full of rich history that dates all the way back to the 1800s. From the winged helmet to “The Big House,” there are so many great stories and traditions. One such tradition that has been around almost as long as the program itself is the Wolverine mascot.

What is the Michigan State mens basketball mascot?

Sparty, the muscular mascot of Michigan State athletics, was voted the second-best college basketball mascot, according to a survey conducted by the gambling website, Time2Play. About 1,490 NCAA basketball fans across all 50 states were surveyed.

What mascot is Michigan Tech?

Blizzard T. Husky. Blizzard T. Husky has been the mascot of the Michigan Tech Huskies since 1997. In a competition to name him, Blizzard beat out Harley, Heikki, Howie, and Yoopie. Blizzard’s middle name is “The.”. Blizzard can be seen at Michigan Tech's home sporting events along with other events at the university and in the community. He pumps up the crowd by skating in the hockey arena before home games.

What is the mascot of Western Michigan University?

Western Michigan unveiled a simplified set of helmets, jerseys, and pants to rock on gamedays to usher in the 2017 season. Even the beloved Buster Bronco mascot — whose headgear was donned by Lee Corso in a College GameDay episode in 2016 — was revamped.

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