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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes duplication mutation?

What causes duplication mutation? A type of mutation in which a portion of a genetic material or a chromosome is duplicated or replicated, resulting in multiple copies of that region. Duplication results from an unequal crossing-over between misaligned homologous chromosomes during meiosis .

Why does duplication happen?

Typically, duplications arise from an event called recombination, which occurs between misaligned homologous chromosomes during meiosis (formation of germ cells). Human cells contain approximately 2 meters of DNA that must be duplicated without errors before each cell division to produce two identical daughter cells.

What does duplification mean?

Duplication. =. Duplication is a type of mutation that involves the production of one or more copies of a gene or region of a chromosome. Gene and chromosome duplications occur in all organisms, though they are especially prominent among plants. Gene duplication is an important mechanism by which evolution occurs.

What is another word for duplication?

Synonyms for duplication include copying, replication, photocopying, duplicating, iteration, redo, reduplication, reiteration, renewal and repeat. Find more similar ...

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