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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a map of the Dubai Metro?

Dubai Metro Map We have three maps of the Dubai Metro system. The first is a schematic map. This is a simplified map that shows the stations on both the Red Line, Green Line, and Route 2020.

What is the Dubai Metro network?

The Dubai Metro network comprises of Red line and Green line routes, both of which, combined, cover the main populated areas of the Emirate. The below map showcases all the metro and tram stations that come under the full rail network, including Red line stations, Green line stations and Tram stations.

How many Red Line stations are there in Metro Dubai?

The next phase of Metro Plan Dubai was to build up the remaining 18 Red Line Stations along with the new Green Line. The Green Line connected Etisalat to Creek with 18 operating stations. The construction began in February 2010, and it finally came to an end in 2011.

Can I print the 2021 Dubai Metro map?

You can click on the map for a larger version and print it if required. 2021 Dubai Metro Map (click to enlarge) After the red line opening on 9 September 2009, the green line of the Dubai Metro opened on 9 September 2011. A few of the stations did not open straight away.

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