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Frequently Asked Questions

Does dualism even make sense?

Dualism is best option for understanding the mind and the brain. Theories that attempt to show that the mind does not really exist clearly don’t work and never did. Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor reviews the mind-brain theories for East Meets West: Theology Unleashed. He think dualism makes the best sense of the evidence.

Would dualism be considered a philosophy?

Typically in Western philosophy, dualism is considered to be a dualism between mind (nonphysical) and brain (physical), which ultimately involves mind interacting with the physical brain, and therefore also interacting with the micro-particles (basic building blocks) that make up the brain tissue.

Is there any empirical evidence for dualism?

If the dualist can do this successfully, then he has given an empirical argument for dualism and met the burden of proof. It is considered an empirical argument because it’s based upon a feature that we know exists through the evidence of sensory experience. The structure of such an empirical argument can be expressed as follows:

What is dualism according to Plato?

What is dualism according to Plato? dualism, Cartesian interactionist – The view that: (1) the mental and the material comprise two different classes of substance and; (2) both can have causal effects on the other. Plato. Plato thought that the soul could and would exist apart from the body and would exist after the death of the body.

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