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Frequently Asked Questions

What does dtsx stand for?

Specifies the Data Transformation Services Package File Format (DTSX), which is an XML-based file format that stores the instructions for the processing of a data flow from its points of origin to its points of destination, including transformations and optional processing steps between the origin and destination points.

How do I open a dtsx file in SQL Server?

(from SSDT visual studio just opened) file> open > file > locate dtsx file > open If you use the 'Export Data' wizard there is an option to store the configuration as an 'Integration Services Projects' within the SQL Server database .

What does DTS stand for in a DTS settings file?

The "DTS" in a DTS settings file stands for Data Transformation Service. The SQL Server program is categorized as database management software under the relational database management system (RDBMS) program classification.

What is the content entered in a dtsx file?

The content entered in a DTSX file includes settings and configurations for the migration of stored data to and from multiple databases, and support for integrating external sources of data is implemented into these DTSX files.

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