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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DTSi do?

DTSI provides a wide range of technology solutions for Federal and Department of Defense organizations with capabilities in Program Management, Cloud Computing, Software Development, Infrastructure Management and Cybersecurity.

Who is the chairman of DTSi?

As the Chairman of DTSI, Suzanne provides leadership and promotes effective professional relationships and an environment of open communication. Suzanne earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Texas at El Paso. Manny serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer for the company.

What has Dave done for DTSi?

Aside from DTSI, Dave has worked in both technical and Human Resource Management roles for domestic and internationally based commercial firms including homebuilding, cartography and product manufacturing.

Does DTSi offer sick time?

Full time DTSI employees will accrue paid time off from their first day of employment. Sick time is accrued throughout the year for use of emergencies, medical appointments, unexpected illness, injuries, and other related occurrences. DTSI offers group medical benefits to all full time employees and their dependents.

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