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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DTS mean in home theater audio?

DTS, or Digital Theater Sound, is a surround sound format that uses several channels to provide multi-channel and stereo content benefits to the user. This is because the DTS sound problem may be caused by improper configuration of audio devices or audio settings. What is DTS PC?

Why is DTS not working?

Why is my DTS not working? Many of the issues are being caused by the pop-up blocker not accepting DTS. To resolve, DTS must be included in your browser’s Pop-up Blocker Allowed Sites. If the page does not remain open long enough for you to press the “Allow” button in the pop-up banner, it will need to be allowed manually via settings.

How to install DTS?

DTS Installation Guide 2 4. If you selected the Microsoft SQL Server, enter the server settings. When entering the SQL Server Name or IP Address, if you are using a named instance, add it with a backslash. (ex. Myserver2SQLExpress). 5. Select the Installation Folder for the application. This should be a shared folder on the server

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