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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Microsoft Word for free?

And you can download Microsoft Word for free. For a long time, Microsoft offered a free program called Word Viewer to open any DOCX file without paying for the full version of Office. But Word Viewer was retired a few years back. What you have instead is the new Word Mobile.

How to download and use Microsoft Word for free?

Click on the Download button to go to the hidden Microsoft page that allows you to download Word for free and click TRY ONE MONTH FREE. Sign in with your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, you can create one here. Just connect it with your regular email address and click on the NEXT button.

Can People Hack onto Microsoft Word?

The hack is able to function due to a security exploit found in Microsoft Word itself. This flaw, dubbed “CVE-2017-11882” isn’t anything new. In fact, Microsoft has already released patches to address the issue. However, not everyone has installed the most recent Office updates.

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