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Frequently Asked Questions

What is streamlabs OBS?

Grow with cloud-based Streamlabs Open Broadcast Software (OBS), alerts, overlays, bot, tipping, & merch. Tailor-make the look and feel of your alert by customizing the layout, animation, message, text, image and more. There are over 250 free themes available in Streamlabs.

What can I do with streamlabs?

Everything you can do with Streamlabs You can stream your content for free directly to any popular social media platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Simply log in to your regular accounts like YouTube and Twitch and steam your content for free. Streamlabs uses a very low amount of your RAM, allowing you to simultaneously run other software.

Can I transfer a scene collection from OBS Studio to streamlabs desktop?

Streamlabs Desktop is able to transfer one profile and all scene collections from OBS Studio if the software detects this has been installed on your system. Once you have imported the selected profile and scene collections you need to make some slight changes to use the built-in widgets.

Why is streamlabs desktop not working?

Streamlabs Desktop requires some additional files to be installed on your system before using the software else it might run into issues. Please download and run both of these Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 redistributables and reboot your computer afterward.

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