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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Optum cover drug and alcohol rehab?

Optum Health Insurance is a respected insurance company, not in the least because they show such compassion and care to their policy holders. They offer some of this country’s most extensive levels of coverage for behavioral health rehabilitation and drug and alcohol treatment.

Does United Healthcare cover alcohol rehab?

While coverage depends on each plan and individual member’s history of benefits use, UnitedHealth Insurance (or Optum Behavioral Solutions) may cover multiple alcohol rehab stays. Your plan is more likely to evaluate and limit the total number of days in rehab, not the total number of stays.

Does Medicare pay for alcohol rehab?

Medicare does cover the cost of alcohol and drug rehab, but you must attend an addiction treatment program that accepts Medicare as a form of payment. Medicare doesn’t cover all types of substance abuse services so it’s important to contact Medicare directly to learn more details about your coverage. What is Medicare? Who is Eligible for Medicare?

Does Obamacare cover alcohol rehab?

The Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” requires that health insurance providers cover addiction treatment and recovery programs. This means that by signing up for health insurance, one can receive financial assistance in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

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