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Frequently Asked Questions

What does directorship mean?

the position of being one of the managers who control a company or organization, or the period that someone has this position: Mr Dyer has resigned his directorship and is no longer involved with the company. Just one year into his directorship, Mr. Winsley's contract was extended through 2012. an executive /non-executive directorship.

What is a board of directors?

/ dɪˈrɛk tər, daɪ- /. a person or thing that directs. one of a group of persons chosen to control or govern the affairs of a company or corporation: a board of directors.

What does it mean to be a corporate director?

Accepting a corporate directorship means taking on responsibilities for first understanding the company’s business and operations, then formulating strategy, controlling risks, monitoring compliance, improving performance and overseeing management, as PwC points out.

How to become a company director?

Directors may also need professional training besides academic qualifications. Professional organizations like the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) in the US offer educational opportunities for prospective directors. The practical knowledge you gain from such programs can help boost your chances to become a company director. 3.

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