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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Directors Desk support?

To contact Directors Desk Support, call USA/Canada: 1-866-895-3375, UK/Europe: +44 203 7532 165. Forgot Password? Not a Directors Desk user yet? Contact Nasdaq Directors Desk to see how we can help you today.

What is Directors Desk?

Streamline board meeting preparation with Directors Desk, used to compile board books, store documents and distribute them, as well as conduct votes, surveys and discussions. Directors Desk is available on iPhone. Enjoy the features and functionality you rely on from our iPad and desktop applications conveniently from your iPhone.

How do I start a Directors Desk board?

Get started by logging in to your Directors Desk board portal. Make annotations on important documents, vote, respond to surveys, and discuss with colleagues. Share critical information and track your assigned tasks so you know what to do, next. Go beyond the boardroom and explore Nasdaq’s full suite of corporate governance solutions.

What is director access?

REQUEST A DEMO NOW. Director Access allows your directors to completely mark up their files as if they were using a piece of paper. No matter the device, they can highlight, use a pen tool, leave pop up sticky notes – and more. Marrying an iPad or Android device with Director Access enables you to access your board packages with a single touch.

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