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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs directors and officers insurance?

Any business, public or private, with a board of directors may benefit from having directors and officers insurance. Lawsuits targeting directors and officers are becoming more common. Without D&O insurance, the company’s assets and the personal assets of the directors and officers are at risk.

How much does directors and officers insurance cost?

The median cost of directors and officers insurance is $1,240 per year, according to Insureon. Your D&O costs will depend on several factors, such as: To get the best rates on a D&O policy, get quotes from several insurance companies. Be sure to work with an insurance professional who is knowledgeable about D&O coverage.

How much does D&O liability insurance cost?

AdvisorSmith found the average cost of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance for small businesses was $1,046 per year. This cost survey included small businesses with under $500K in revenue in 27 industries, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, consultants, contractors, and more.

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