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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is diesel laptops?

Diesel Laptops is committed to working with you to find the right solution for your company that fits your needs and budget. Anyone can sell you a diagnostic tool, but only Diesel Laptops also provides USA-based diesel technicians for assistance, repair information, parts lookup information, and diesel technician training.

Does the diesel truck tool support package come with a manual?

The TEXA Truck Tool Support package did not come with a manual, but Diesel Laptops offers online training once a week as well as the video training that comes with the purchase. The video training helps users navigate through the software, Summerlin says.

What is diesel laptops' Texa truck tool with Level 3 support?

Diesel Laptops’ TEXA Truck Tool with Level 3 Support provides technicians with the ability to stay up to date. Paul Summerlin, area maintenance manager at Red Classic Transit in Charlotte, North Carolina, was pleased with how the tool was able to save him time while working diagnostic jobs.

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