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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get diesel fuel tested?

FOI Labs is a fuel testing, research, and development facility. We test fuel including Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Jet Fuel, and BIO-Fuel with ASTM methods. 800. 546.4451

Is diesel fuel cleaner than gasoline?

Diesel also produces fewer highly-toxic emissions than gasoline. To another important question — is diesel cleaner with respect to the toxic byproducts generated during production, — again, the answer is “yes.”. The fact is, there are only one or two measures by which diesel is dirtier than gasoline.

Is diesel fuel hard to find?

Diesel fuel is only available at just over half of all retail fuel sites in the U.S, so isn't quite as easy to find for drivers not familiar with a particular area. Finding diesel will become ever ...

Is diesel fuel heavier than gasoline?

Diesel is definitely heavier than gasoline. This is because of the chemical composition of the components that constitute diesel. Diesel have molecular compounds longer in carbon chain length than gasoline which are comparatively shorter. This makes it slightly denser than gasoline.

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