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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jewelry Exchange a good place to buy jewelry?

I am always satisfied and happy after I go to The Jewelry Exchange! I am very fussy on jewelries I want and buy. A big plus for this store is that there is a expert repairman who can repair or modify anything to satisfy your needs and be done within an hour or so.

Why shop at the Jewelry Exchange in Renton?

We have had the great opportunity to do business with the Jewelry Exchange in Renton on numerous occastions and it have been wonderful. Customer service was great with an outstanding and wide selection.

Where is the best place to buy diamond jewelry?

The Nationwide Jewelry Exchange is the #1 Diamond Store having over 10,000 diamond in stock. Buy Factory Direct and Save! X TOP PRODUCTS {{lst.LongTitle}} - {{lst.TreeCode}} SEE ALL RESULTS ({{TotalRecord}}) 888-539-3574

Is there a Jewelry Exchange in Tustin CA?

I recently visited your Jewelry Exchange store in Tustin and was very impressed with your selection. I especially have an interest in diamond stud earrings & was glad to know that I can always upgrade.

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