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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this sentence diagramming worksheet all about?

This sentence diagramming worksheet focuses on adjectives, adverbs and articles. It’s all about conjunctions in this diagramming sentences worksheet! Time to diagram sentences with direct and indirect objects!

How do you diagram adjectives in a sentence?

Ask children in 2nd grade and 3rd grade to diagram the adjectives in these sentences by writing them on diagonal lines right below the words they modify. To diagram the verb in a sentence, grade 2 and grade 3 students must draw a horizontal line with a small vertical line going through its middle.

What are linking verbs in diagramming sentences?

Diagramming Sentences. Linking verbs connect a subject to its predicate. Common linking verbs include be, am, is, are, was, were, been, smell, look, taste, feel, and sound.

What do you learn in 2nd grade diagramming?

Have 2nd grade students learn, how the basic diagramming conventions are used in sentences with simple structure and broken down by their functional parts; subjects and predicates.

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